Welcome to Anheuser-Busch InBev's Beer Garage.

The Beer Garage exists to design a smarter future for the world's largest brewer through innovative applications of emerging technology. We have a team of global technology and innovation experts to help build expertise, education, pilots, and scaling of the best tech tools and trends to steward AB InBev into the future. 

What do we mean by Designing a Smarter Future? 

A smarter future is one where innovators, thought leaders, creators, developers, and entrepreneurs from all around the world connect, collaborate, and solve the globe's biggest challenges. 

A smarter future is one where our farmers will produce higher quality crops with less water and energy, enabled by the best technology, to secure their livelihood. 

A smarter future is one where consumers of our brands can enjoy AB InBev products with those they love, creating special moments and memories anytime, anywhere, and anyhow

A smarter future is one where our operations and distribution network will use less gas and emissions to deliver our products so that we can support the well-being of our environment for all. 

A smarter future is one where our AB InBev employees and partners feel like they are part of a dream bigger than themselves, and they feel supported and empowered to achieve that dream. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev's dream is to Bring People Together for a Better World. Here at the Beer Garage, we're doing our part to achieve this dream by designing a smarter future for AB InBev and our community through the smart use of the latest technology. 

Watch the video below for a brief look into AB InBev's Beer Garage!

At the Beer Garage, we have two business focuses. 


Global Solutions Innovation

The Innovation team is AB InBev's global team of technology experts responsible for educating the company and stewarding the use of the latest technology trends.  We are focused on:  Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Connected Self, Geofencing, and 3D Printing.  The team also spearheads the global Hack The World Innovation Community, which aims to build a global community of innovators to build business solutions, source talent pipeline, and understand consumer insights. 


Global Solutions Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture team leads development of global enterprise platforms to ensure future-readiness of AB InBev's 150,000 employees, setting the long term technology roadmap to successfully engage both our customer and partner ecosystem. The team overseesMobile, UX, Cloud/DC, Application, Network/Telecom, Security, Workplace/Collaboration, and Data Integration.

Want to become involved in the Beer Garage?

We are always looking for cutting edge, forward thinking partners to collaborate with.  From students to startups to tech giants to Fortune 500 companies, Anheuser-Busch InBev has engaged in longstanding, global partnerships with the world's leading innovators to design a smarter future for our world and community.  Come work with us!


The Beer Garage is always looking for the latest cutting edge technology. If you're an entrepreneur or a startup with a focus in one of our innovation areas, feel free to reach out to schedule a demo. Please note if you are located outside of the Silicon Valley area so we can meet via Telepresence!

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University Ecosystem

The Beer Garage is committed to building relationships with students in the Silicon Valley ecosystem and beyond. We are always looking for young minds who are eager and curious to make an impact on the future with the world's largest brewer. Learn more about student opportunities here!

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Are you with an already established, global company with a service/product that can support AB InBev in our focus areas? We are always scoping opportunities to build mutually beneficial, long-term engagements with partners who are leaders in their industry and can elevate us to the next level.

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