About Us

Anheuser-Busch InBev opened the Beer Garage in Silicon Valley office in 2011 to be the company's Technology Center of Excellence.  Being based in Silicon Valley enables our team of technology experts to be at the birthplace of global innovation, and to connect with, partner, and learn from the leaders in our focus areas.  Our objective is to steward ABInBev's future by leveraging these key technologies: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Geofencing, AR/VR, 3D Printing, and Connected Self.    Our team identifies business challenges where these technologies can provide step-change business solutions, and then test and scale these solutions globally. 

The Beer Garage is part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev corporation, the largest beer manufacturer in the world.  AB InBev has been brewing beer for over 600 years, but we are more than simply a beer company. We believe that the experience of sharing a beer has brought and continues to bring people and cultures together. 

We are AB InBev. 

Committed to driving growth that leads to better living for more people in more places. Through brands and experiences that bring people together. Through our dedication to brewing the best beer with the best ingredients. And through our commitment to helping farmers, retailers, entrepreneurs and communities grow.