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Data Architect - Bangalore

14 August 2017
  • Understanding the data requirements of all stake holders, consolidating them, rationalizing redundancies.
  • Designing and developing the right modes of access for different needs – from API’s to direct database access, depending access level of the users and the purpose of usage
  • Turn around solutions quickly but thoughtfully, balancing speed to market with quality, longevity and scalability.
  • Designing appropriate data structures to store them securely and access easily - includes designing both tech stack as well as data structure
  • Creating awareness among all users about the asset and maximizing usage
  • Keep eyes and ears open on a continuous basis to understand upcoming data needs and addressing them proactively


  • Ideal candidate will have experience in both product development as well as services environments, designing and implementing data architectures for analytical and BI needs in large organizations
  • Should have very good perspective on tradeoffs involved in design considerations
  • Should have a broad exposure to different data technologies and pros and cons of choosing one over the other
  • Strong experience in Data Management, Integration, Governance and Visualization
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges in an enterprise environment.
  • Deep understanding of database and analytical technologies in the industry including MPP databases, noSQL storage, Data Warehouse design, BI reporting and Dashboard development.
  • Current hands-on implementation experience required.
  • Experience with AWS or another cloud vendor.
  • Strong experience with both RDBMS as well as big data technologies is a must
  • Should have experience in setting up a right team to support data needs of the entire organizations, skill levels, acceptable SLAs etc.
  • Should have strong perspective on how to create Data-as-a-Service internally in the organization
  • Experience with various ETL tools and understanding of their tradeoffs is a must


Soft Skills:

  • Analytical Problem-Solving:  Approaching high-level data challenges with a clear eye on what is important; employing the right approach/methods to make the maximum use of time and human resources.
  • Effective Communication: Carefully listening to management, data analysts and relevant staff to come up with the best data design; explaining complex concepts to non-technical colleagues.
  • Expert Management: Effectively directing and advising a team of data modelers, data engineers, database administrators and junior architects.
  • Industry Knowledge: Understanding the way your chosen industry functions and how data are collected, analyzed and utilized; maintaining flexibility in the face of big data developments.
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