George Panagiotakopoulos - Research Intern

10 August 2017
George Panagiotakopoulos
George Panagiotakopoulos - Research Intern

George Panagiotakopoulos is a MBA candidate at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. George was a research intern focusing on Internet of Things. Read his blog to find out more about it!

Challenging the Status Quo

Anheuser-Busch’s Innovation Community has provided me with an incredible opportunity to creatively challenge and apply myself. As an MBA ’18 candidate at the Haas School of Business, beyond the rich curriculum, we’re taught to challenge the status quo, and Anheuser’s latest push into innovation and business creation with the intention of disrupting conventional industry practices parallels well with the lessons learned at Haas.

 With a focus on the Internet of Things, we’re exploring novel technologies and how they will shape the future of commerce, consumer behavior, and culture, and using it to align our company goals with our customers’ expectations. As the world’s largest brewer, we believe we have a responsibility to set high industry standards throughout our industry’s ecosystem. It’s our unrelenting drive to innovate, iterate, and implement, that will take us there.